Trustworthy Dog - Calligraphy Art Canvas Print

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This artwork is an inspiration from Zoomorphic Calligraphy. Zoomorphism is a term which means shaping of something in animal form. Illustrating calligraphy in a form of animal is been predominantly practiced in Arabic and Islamic styles.

Here I have attempted to experiment with Zoomorphism using Latin lettering. To make it more meaningful and conceptual, I have used adjectives by which the animals are best known for. The artwork has an essence of Arabic calligraphy but it is in English. The adjectives may or may not be seen at first glance but when you will observe closely you will definitely find the word in there.

Dogs are extraordinarily beautiful animals, and they are extraordinarily interesting animals, too, but more than that they are trustworthy. So I have illustrated word "trustworthy" in a form of Dog.

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